Star Wars & the Power of Costume - DIA - Detroit, MI

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is wrapping up it's special exhibit - Star Wars and the Power of Costume

Star Wars is one of a handful of films that changed the zeitgeist forever. ~William Friedkin.

This fantastic exhibit includes more than 60 original Star Wars costumes, accessories, and props. My kids love Star Wars and we happened to be in Michigan during the exhibit time at the DIA. This art museum is impressive on it's own and my kids had never visited, so I decided to take them to the costume exhibit since they are big Star Wars fans.

I was really impressed with the amount of items featured in this exhibit and the way they were displayed so you could view the items from a close distance without setting off any light saber alarms. The room with the Chewbacca costume makes you take a step back, it really has a great presence in the room and they even have a Chewy button for you to push for sound effects. I'd say the droids room was next on my list, these definitely are the droids you are looking for...

According to the Smithsonian website, the exhibit has already visited Washington, New York, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, and is wrapping up in Detroit soon. If you can squeeze in a trip before the exhibit closes, I'd definitely recommend it. When else will you have the chance to be so close to all of the movie artifacts?

When you purchase your tickets, you will be assigned a time slot. The FAQ page suggests you arrive 60 minutes prior to your assigned time slot. I would recommend allowing yourself a little extra time to park and find the exhibit, but I really didn't think arriving that early was necessary. We parked in a paid lot across from the museum because the street parking is limited-time parking and I knew we wanted to spend some time wandering about the rest of the museum space. They did scan our tickets upon arrival, but I don't know that they noted our early arrival time. We waited in line for a short period of time, picked up our audio headsets, and proceeded through the displays. Allow at least 45 minute to walk around and listen to the audio that you choose on your headset. The content appears to be suitable for all ages and the space is very open in case you need to bring a stroller.

Right at the end of the exhibit, you'll find a fantastic green'll never guess who... You'll exit through the gift shop and want to buy everything! Just note, this is merchandise worthy of a Disney theme park store, so the items are priced a bit on the higher end. We did end up buying some fun buttons at check-out, mine says, "I heart Chewy."

The DIA is located at 5200 Woodward Ave. in Detroit, MI. You can buy your tickets online, please note the discounts available for local residents. Have fun... May the Force Be with You!

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